Work progress and development of our sister website

Gina has been busy over the past few days with design of our sister website, that she will be using to showcase her photography of savanna landscapes and flora.

The site is coming along and looks great- it's now up to me to find some time to write some content.

This weekend I've been busy coming up with a list of the families of vascular plants that make up our inventory- based on our collections from 2010 and existing specimens at Herbier de Guyane- derived from a cleaned-up extract* of the herbarium's database, Aublet2.

We made a start on determinations (ID) work while I was still based in Cayenne, but there is still a lot to do before we can prepare the checklist for publication. Based on the list of families, Piero and I will be deciding which families each of us would like to work on.  We will also be contacting specialists in other international herbaria to ask whether they would be willing to accept specimens as 'gift for determination.' Once this list is agreed, I will be making a formal request for some of our material to arrive at Kew.

Lots still to do, but we're getting there!

*The original extract included some specimens that were collected in habitats associated with savannas, but not strictly savanna, e.g. roadside and forest/ savanna edge vegetation.

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