Support from the National Geographic Society/ Waitt Institute for Discovery and Herbier de Guyane

Our project would not have been possible without the financial support of the National Geographic Society and the Waitt Institute for Discovery (USA) and the logisitical support of Herbier de Guyane (CAY) of the Institut de recherche pour le developpment (IRD, France).

Two members of the team (GL and REB) were supported for six months in French Guiana (March to September 2010) by National Geographic Society/ Waitt Grant No. W87-10, which enabled us to buy some of the equipment needed to photographically document the research.
Consequently many of our herbarium specimens are complemented with high quality macro images that will aid identification of specimens, and help us to raise awareness of the beauty of the savannas' flora. The Grant also provided a basic subsistence stipend for these two team members and we are very grateful for this support, which enabled this project to go ahead.

In Cayenne we were hosted by Herbier de Guyane in Cayenne, run by the IRD. Herbier de Guyane is a well equipped herbarium and benefits from extensive specimen collections that have been determined by specialists. We are very grateful to the IRD and the herbarium staff for their assistance with our work, and allowing us to use their fantastic facilities and vehicles for our field work within French Guiana. 

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